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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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ercent or more on car insurance.
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back with more of "today" on a monday morning, it is the 23rd day of november, 2003. these are some people who have just been thrilled by a great concert put on by susan boyle who has become an international singing sensation after bursting on the scene just last april on the show "britain's got talent." she sang a couple of songs for us. after arriving here in new york over the weekend to some kind of a hero's welcome at jfk. that doesn't happen -- well, al, when you fly it does. but it doesn't happen all that often. it is awfully nice to see her and have her out here on the
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plaza. >> not easy singing in this weather, too. >> no, no, that's true. >> i love that the crowd -- they're so great. you've got all ages here from the little ones to the older ones. we love that. >> earlier this morning there were a couple ladies in the front row, i said where you from? she said we flew from california just to come to see susan boyle here in new york. i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales and al roker. >> also coming up, an incredible story. two young women, they were strangers, college students, forever linked now by one life saving gesture, a bone marrow transplant. just a few months ago they were able to meet for the very first time. we'll catch up with them both in just a few minutes. a great story. that's right. thanksgiving coming up. can you feel it, the pounds just getting ready to pile on? you can just sense it. i've already got my you elastic waist pants. >> i don't think you'll need it.
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you're a changed man. >> we've got great ideas and tips for you to keep the pounds off and stay within your plan when you hit those holiday meals. a lot to get to. first let's go inside. ann's standing by at news desk. good morning, everybody. officials say a small amount of radiation was detected at pennsylvania's three mile island over the weekend. the nuclear regulatory commission is investigating and says there was no danger to the public. three mile island was the site of a partial meltdown in 1979. people in northern england are assessing the damage from what's being called the heaviest rain there on record. in one town, more than 12 inches of rain in 24 hours caused massive flooding over the weekend and it also caused bridges in some areas to crumble. the flooding has killed at least two people. officials in china are trying to find out what caused a deadly coal mine explosion over the weekend. at least 104 people were killed. grieving families are demanding answers. senator chuck schumer said on this broadcast this morning
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that he believes democrats will have enough votes to pass a health care reform bill feen it contains a government-backed insurance option. however, senator kay bailey hutchison predicted the bill would lead to health care rationing. on saturday senators voted to advance the bill without any superior from republicans and even moderate democrats who voted in favor are threatening now to withdraw their support if significant changes are not made, especially to the public option. a bank robbery suspect in ohio is accused of eating the evidence. as police arrested the man and went through his pockets, he apparently found a note he allegedly handed to the bank teller demanding cash. when officers were not looking, the suspect ate the note. even without the note officials think they have a good case against the suspect. mmm. it is now three minutes past the hour. mr. roker has made his way down here. he'll have some guests with him. >> we were talking about the holidays. buy a burlap bag, feed a hungry
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child. the co-founders of feed projects and the feed foundation are raising awareness and funds for school nutrition programs outside of the united states. they've expanded their works to include "today's" beauty editor, miss bobbi brown. good morning, ladies. lauren, you've been traveling the world, you and world food program. you really became inspired. tell us about this program. >> so, yes, this is the initial bag. it stemmed from a very simple idea to feed a child in school and give consumers a way to give back in a measurable, meaningful way. this bag actually feeds a child in school for a year. started with this bag and a very simple idea that we all need to do our part to feed children. >> 400 million children which is an astonishing number. these kids are going hungry all around the world. does that amaze you, that fact? >> it does. every time i go on a trip and see it firsthand, it's really amazing.
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but the great thing that the world program is doing is feeding kids in school. that's one of the main programs we really try to help and actually it is a way to get kids to go to school, as well as give them the daily nutrition they need. >> education and feed their minds and their tummys. >> yes. ellen, of course the program helps people somehow feel connected so that they know they're helping. >> it is really important to us that each product has a metric on it, a number that says this is what you did by purchasing this product. it is not a percentage of proceeds. it is actually this bag sold provides 100 school meals to kids in rwanda. >> tell us about the bag you got. >> this is the 10. takes care of 10 but there's three lip glosses. it is about give and get. i met lauren on a ski slope in telluride. she is an amazing entrepreneur. they've done a tremendous job. we've teamed up, three lip cl s glosses, feed ten, and a cute little treat for yourself. >> it makes a fashion statement
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and says something about that you care. >> thank you. we hope shop for the holidays and bu >> the weather should be fairly quiet this morning but we are going to see some light rain showers developing as we had through the day. take an umbrella just in case you needed at one point or another. >> where you ladies from? >> massachusetts. >> your names? >> jessica. >> nicole. >> karen. >> donna. >> thanks for being here. appreciate that. now let's go in to ann. al, thank you. this morning on "today's health," leukemia. as of today, more than 245,000 americans are living with, or in
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remission from, leukemia. anna robinson is one of them. she was diagnosed when the disease when she was just 21 years old. shocked and reeling, anna got a second lease on life courtesy of another young college student. >> i was 21. i had just come back from college, back to seattle to live with my parents for the summer. my trip back i had a large duffel bag and i arrived home and i had these massive bruises on the backs of both my legs. and so throughout that summer i was just more tired than i usually was. my mom drove me to the doctor and my blood pressure changed drastically from standing up to lying down. and so o he said i'd like to do a blood test and a short while later my gp came in and sat down and said, "i think it is leukemia." so my mom burst into tears.
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i really had not much of a sense of what leukemia really is. >> reporter: after a bone marrow biopsy, doctors confirmed anna had acute myeloid leukemia. >> my sister was my donor. she was a perfect match. i had my first transplant but it turned out she was too good of a match. so the following august i found out that i had relapsed. >> reporter: for anna, the only other option was an anonymous donor. >> when i received her cells, i knew i was receiving cells from a 20-year-old female. can't find the words. to be able to thank her in person and just let her know that i really value what she's done for me. >> i was a student at the university of missouri. they were having a bone marrow drive. i was walking by.
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a girl said, hey, you want to sign up for the registry? it was just kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing. i never thought that i would get called. they called me in october saying i was a potential match. and so i had to go have blood tests drawn. then she called me and said, you're a match. you know? will you be willing to donate? i felt very excited and very -- it was just a weird feeling of not knowing who this girl was. i'm very excited to meet her. at the same time, i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: two years after being in remission, anna and katie met for the first time with plenty of hugs, laughter and tears to go around. >> it is wonderful to meet you. thank you. it is just a little something. ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you >> and anna robinson, okay, i'm
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already crying -- and katie quinn are with us this morning. their story is featured in the december issue of "self" magazine. lucy is the magazine's editor in chief and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. we have to talk about this meeting. when you saw her and knew what she had done for you and she presented you then another gift, this necklace, what went through you? >> i can't thank her enough. she saved my life. there are no words to express how grateful i am for the second chance at life that she's given me and the chance to travel again and be with my boyfriend and be with my family. >> and you, katie, you're just watching that and knowing what you've done, i see tears in your eyes. because it means that much to you. >> yeah. >> why? >> it is just a very rewarding experience. when i first signed up, i did not know what i was getting myself into and then i got a
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call and i didn't know who she was for the past two years. >> hello was a hug. hello is a "hello, sister!" it creates a closeness. >> yeah. our blood sisters. >> blood sisters literally. because you see something in what she's done for you that tells you something about her. >> yeah, she is an extraordinary young woman to do this for me. >> lucy, your story is featured in "self" magazine was you want readers to read this. >> all through december we thing of ways to give back. "self" wanted to know it doesn't involve writing a check. what katie did by swabbing her cheek was to offer a part of herself to another human being. i think what we see here is that every individual can make a difference. if everyone watching and all the readers of "self" were to sign up to be a potential donor, we could triple the number of donors. only 3 in 10 people who need
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bone marrow donations are getting it. so we need to build that registry and it is so simple, it is so easy. you can give of yourself and feel great doing it. katie is a nursing student so she gives every day at the icu. anna is an engineer. she's going to give back by building amazing things. you can have untold impact on lives. just an individual can have an impact. >> nancy, people think that giving bone marrow is going to be a really painful ordeal. maybe once was. >> because that's what it was. you're absolutely right. we think it is big boring needles into your hip and it is painful. i'm going to show you what it is today. lucy, open up your mouth. >> i want to be a donor. >> i'm just going to swap her cheek. it really is 15 seconds of picking up the cells in her cheek. letting it dry. then it literally goes into a box like this and in the mail. that's it! >> what about the actual donation? >> this is what's cool. we used to think you had to have bone marrow to give to someone else. we now know just peripheral
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blood and separating the blood components can be a difference. children, little different than adults. but nonetheless, it is as simple as what lucy did, putting her information in a registry, and then that typing has to be done. then going in for, as you know, couple hours and having your blood donated. >> only a few seconds left. how do you get your ef into a registry? >> there is a simple registry online, >> >> did it hurt? >> no. >> and are you in remission? >> yes, i am. >> it's a needing in your arm. that's it. we need to sign up. blacks and hispanics, please, race makes a difference. race makes a difference. it's not just enough to just think because a select few have done it. so race matters. >> thank you for being here. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> dr. nancy, well done, all of you. coming up next, how to cut calories during the holidays so you won't need to make those losing weight new year's
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lisa, contributor to "women's health," good to see you. our plates are too big. >> exactly. the smaller the plate, the better. think about six to eight-inch plates. a study from cornell university found that those who ate hamburgers off of saucers -- these are very small -- these individuals actually believed they were consuming 18% more calories than they actually were. >> because on a smaller plate the smaller portion looks bigger. >> exactly. you feel less deprived. >> also extend that to the serving dishes as well. >> exactly. in studies people ate 56% more when they served themselves from a one-gallon bowl compared to a half-gallon bowl. >> if it's smaller bowl, you think, i look like a pig here. i'm scooping out too much. >> right. you may indeed scoop out less. another trick though is to use ceramic bowls over glass. >> why? >> interestingly, when you choose glass you can actually see through the bowl. one study in the international journal the obesity found women
9:19 am
ate 71% more food out of transparent containers compared to ones they couldn't see through. >> interesting. you say also the glass you choose is important. >> yes. choose tall tumblers, about 10 ounces. the reason is a study from the "journal of consumer research" found we tend to pour 20% more liquid into short, wide glasses than we do into tall tumblers. this may be because short glasses just don't appear quite as full as tall ones. >> same with people. and whether it comes to scooping food, you say use teaspoons. >> that sounds wacky. why don't you just use a thimble? but hear this. when you use a three-ounce serving spoon, talking about stuffing, that translates to 150 calories. that's what the research looked at. if you use a tablespoon, you're only consuming one-sixth that amount, or 25 calories.
9:20 am
it would take six tablespoons to equal that one three-ounce serving spoon. >> you say even the centerpiece has something to do with this? >> yes. instead of flowers try using a bowl of green apples, bananas off after-dinner mints. studies at the "smell and taste research foundation in chicago" took this very serious and found overweight individuals who inhaled one of these scents before each meal lost than average of 60 pounds over six months. >> this next one, people who dine in a blue room ate 33% less than those who ate in a yellow or red room. red room! so you can burn more calories by painting the room before dinner. >> get started now. two days before thanksgiving. right? but seriously, blue was thought to be a natural appetite suppressant. try using a dull blue table cloth. it may make the food look less appealing. >> dim the lights? >> when people eat in the dark,
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♪ (announcer) learn more about careers with today's va at like 2009 h1n1, wash your hands and get your flu shot. regularly disinfect surfaces. and talk to your friends about doing the same. let's help spread protection against flu viruses like 2009 h1n1. sandra bullock's new movie had a successful opening this weekend. our gene shalit says don't close your eyes to "the blind side." >> good morning and welcome "the critic's corner." if you go to movies to inspired,
9:24 am
to feel wonderful, "the blind side" will make you very happy. >> i think i want to hear this. >> me, too. >> a homeless, virtually uneducated teenager, plfound wandering alone at night. >> do have you any place to stay tonight? don't you dare lie to me. >> -- is inviting into the home of a very rich white, very together family, a dynamic resolute mama, sandra bullock. >> sleep tight, honey. >> an amiable confrontive husband, tim mcgraw. >> michael's gift is his ability to forget. he's mad at no one and he really doesn't care what happened in the past. >> and two good kids. within days, this large lad, michael, is an adored member of the family, especially by his little brother. miss bullock, is ardent, resourceful, afraid of nothing or nobody, not even her disapproving lady friends.
9:25 am
>> i don't need ya'all to approe my choices but i do ask that you respect her. >> tell him sleep with one eye open. >> you threaten my son, you threaten me. >> quinten aaron is a marvel as michael. emotionally prepared, earnestly tutored. he learns to play football and earns the grades to play. with his family's fervent support, michael dares to think college. >> is he considering ole miss? >> better be. >> too good to be true? it is true. for michael, michael ore, the all-american linemen and outstanding nfl tackle for baltimore. no wonder i'm "raven" about "the blind side." and that's the "critic's corner" for "today." >> that looks like -- just thinking about it is making me cry. >> perfect holiday film. >> so beautiful. coming up, more of susan boyle.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the search for suspects in last week's convenience store robbery and murder in catonsville ends with the dramatic chase and gun battle over the weekend. it all began late saturday night when investigators and baltimore county began pursuing a pair with men suspected in the shooting and killing of brian meise. the suspect fired on them during the chase which forced them to return fire. one suspect is under arrest and other in critical condition in shock trauma. the first quarter touchdown
9:28 am
, the colts had a 7-0 lead. ravens had to rely on billy, if in his ravens debut. it was matt stover who gave them the edge. let's take a look at the forecast with tony pann. >> we are going to throw a little but a rain in the picture today. not going to be steady rain, but off and on showers are possible. otherwise, cloudy skies. upper 40's and low 50s but still a chance for a few showers to nine. the temperatures around 40 degrees. most of the day tomorrow will be dry. high near 55. a chance for a share on wednesday. thanksgiving day, not a steady rain. and the week, it gets chilly.
9:29 am
-- end of the week, it gets chilly. dry and cool next weekend. >> we will have another update at 9:55.
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♪ the very talented, the very lovely alicia keys has been collecting grammys and dazzling fans for eight years. she'll be here to dazzle our crowd tomorrow on the plaza. but wait -- wait, wait, wait for it. bon jovi! rocking rockefeller center with a thanksgiving eve concert. if you're in the big apple today or tomorrow, you've got to come on down. >> the music isn't over this morning either yet, because scottish superstar susan boyle wowed the crowd on the plaza this morning. her new album already is a best
9:32 am
seller, even though it is just hitting stores today. we'll hear more from her coming up this morning. plus, it is no secret, as we age we begin to lose our memory. so whether you always have something on the tip of your tongue or you want to remember why you walked into a room -- don't you hate when you forget when you came into a room -- what was i here for? we'll give you some exercises to give your brain a boost. >> i made a phone call and forgot who i was calling. the other person said hello. also coming up on "today's beauty," how to find the best foundation to match your skin tone courtesy of "today's" beauty editor bobbi brown. we always love when she's here. there you go, you put it on your hand. >> who was that? >> that was bobbi brown. >> okay. let's check your weather, show you for today, we've got some rain along the mid-atlantic coast. rain in the pacific northwest. snow in the rockies. sunshine through the gulf coast. your travel weather for wednesday, we're looking at some problems coming in to the
9:33 am
pacific northwest with some rain there, some showers -- >> we expect if you off and on light rain showers during the day today. not going to be anything heavy. best chance for rain will be afternoon. high tempera >> we've got a special announcement. starting next week our annual toy drive kicks into gear. if you're coming into the plaza, plan to bring a gift. amy robinson has another major donation. good to see you again. >> thank you very much. there's about 15 million direct
9:34 am
sellers in this country earning extra income selling products and services through in-home parties and personal demonstration. i'm pleased to help kick off the drive today with a donation of over $15 million in products and cash. >> that's amazing! thank you so much. >> thank you. wow. >> thanks to all of our companies. they have really come together and donated some great products, toys, books, cosmetics, jewelry, just anything you can imagine. everybody will be able to find something they like. >> even despite this economy. now what explains that? >> well we have a lot of people who are making extra income. you have products that are really of interest to people during a poor economy, things that make them feel better, little trinkets, bobbles that they like to buy. our companies are really wanting to give back and this is a great way for them to do that. >> we really appreciate it. great stuff. thank you so much. year after year your folks come through. >> thanks so much. >> at least we have the opportunity to help out.
9:35 am
>> amy robinson. 16 years of our toy drive. really an incredible effort all around. all those who give, thank you. if you're on the plaza, bring a toy for a needy kid. next we'll show you how to choose the right foundation with bobbi brown right after this. (announcer) chuck's going to show us how simple it is
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born from nature. truvia. honestly sweet. find it at your grocery store. this morning on "today's beauty," she's back! if you just can't seem to get enough of your foundation, getting it right, "today" beauty
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editor bobbi brown is here to give us some help. good morning. i've had this problem for years, getting the right color on my face. you basically say take a look at color formation and application. >> color, formula and application. this is the number one problem so don't feel bad. all women have the same problem with makeup. >> start with color. >> it is so important to get a color that matches your skin. don't try it on your hand. it doesn't matter if it matches your hand. it matters if it matches the side of your face and also your forehead. 99.9% of the people i meet are yellow-toned in their skin. i want to get just to show you, this is yellow toned foundation. this is normal foundation. see how pink it is? >> i'm going to turn it so people can see. you are saying this color -- >> i think they glued it down. >> i want people to see that. you're saying that color -- >> is pink. no one has pink skin. no one. if you have to ask do i put it on my next, it is the wrong color. the right foundation you should just be able to spot --
9:40 am
>> look at these colors. >> this is for darker skin. this is porcelain. this is ael balibaster. the lightest skin. >> that's the first, reconsider your formula. >> formula. pay attention to your skin texture -- smooth, oily, dry, combination. do you like a natural finish. those things matter and we could use a half-hour to talk about the different things. >> say you just want a smooth finish and your skin is normal. average skin. what would you be looking for? >> i would start with a stick. i love a stick foundation but a skin that doesn't turn to powder. make sure it is creamy. you could apply it over moisturizer if you want it more sheer. you could layer it if you want to stronger. a tinted moisturizer for weekends. >> what about this whole mineral thing -- >> i don't like mineral powder. i am probably the own one. >> why? >> because it looks like cake batter on your face. it makes your lines stand out.
9:41 am
i think it makes women's lines stand out. i like smooth -- >> that is a reason not to use it. >> andrea's been sitting very patiently over here. you're going to work on andrea in terms of her foundation. >> she has been done. i think we have a before picture. >> there she is. >> have you a beautiful face. >> this foundation -- >> with foundation, ta-da! >> look how pretty she looks. the difference is it just evens out your skin. if you have even skin, that is the start of beauty to me. you lighten under your eyes, even out your skin. that's when a woman looks beautiful. it doesn't matter how many lines she has on her face if she has even skin. >> that's a direct quote. i'm going to use that. >> that is honestly the secret. the trick is again, make sure your foundation, aplay it on the side of your face. if it disappears, if you can't see it, it is the right color. another tip is to try it on your forehead. often women have darker foreheads just from being in the
9:42 am
sun. if you have a choice, go with a darker color. >> talk about sun spots and things like that. how do you best get rid of those? >> hopefully your foundation will work. if it doesn't, then you use something with less oil in it. this is a touch-up stick. again it has to be yellow because if it's pink it is going to show. you could just either -- there's no spots because they've all been covered up. >> you put that on top, then put the foundation on top of that? >> no, you do the foundation first. many of the spots will be taken care of by the foundation. but if there are spots that are a little stubborn, then you could apply it either right out of the tube -- >> you just tap it. >> tap it. one, two. be careful not to rub it off because then it is on your finger. always set a loose powder and not translucent. yellow-toned powder. trust me, translucent powder makes you look ashy. >> andrea, thank you so much for being our model. bobbi brown, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving week to you both. next, exercises for your memory. right after this.
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this morning on "today's fountain of youth," improving your memory as you age. getting older doesn't necessarily mean becoming more forget full. john erickson is an expert on aging. his son mark is also the co-author of "old is the new young." erickson's secrets to healthy
9:47 am
living. john, the book is largely based on the business of getting older as you say, running these retirement communities. what have you learned in your experience as you've seen covering so many different people as they get older? >> with more than 30,000 full-time consultants over the last 25 years, i've really seen a shift. we went from take it easy, don't overdo it to use it or lose it. that's everything from the physical side to the mental side. you have to stay really active and engaged. >> mark, you're one of the authors of book. really the science of getting older, a lot of people are led to believe that as you get older you start to lose brain cells and they start to die off. at least that's what i've long thought and believed that. but that's not necessarily true. right? >> that's a radical thing we're understanding, is not only do the lifestyle changes, choices we make in our 30s, 40s an 50s affect how we age but even in our 60s, 70s and 80s we can reverse symptoms associated with aging and cognitive decline. >> what's happening in our brain as it relates to memory loss?
9:48 am
what's changing? >> the scientific term for this change is called "brain plasticity." we're learning now that the brain is capable of rewiring itself not just when we're kids but throughout our lifetimes. there are things we can do that even in our 70s and 80s cause the brain to rewire itself and regain cognitive capabilities. >> you focus a lot on the exercise, interactive activities that you call the exercise for the brain, things such as dancing, reading groups, new languages. how are these helping stimulate the brain? >> it's often the interaction of multi-dimensional approaches, physical, cognitive, emotional and social. think about learning to dance. it is physical, and uses the body, it is cognitive in that you're learning, it is social in that you are interacting, and it is emotional. those simple areas have some of the biggest impacts in our experience. >> you're a fan of high-tech, computer games. how does that help stimulate
9:49 am
brain function? >> they are doing a lot of research on the brain's response to computer technology, how it creates an alternate pathway in thinking. they're able to put a lot more science behind the use of the brain. the biggest issue is your social engagement. that probably does more to light up multiple places in the brain than any other point. when you meet somebody new you want to know how witty they are, how quick they are, what do you have in common. you're really lighting up new spaces in the brain when you are engaged socially. >> some of the tricks you say to help you remember things, you recommend visualization and association techniques. >> associative memory is how do you relate a new fact relative to four or five other different things. the more things you can relate something to, the more likely you are to store it and to remember it. names being one. but events being another. so keeping the association paths with multiple connection points is really strong. the curious people, the adventuresome people tend to do a lot better with associative memory development. then the next one is your
9:50 am
visual. the difference between thinking in an old 1950s black and white television, and into a new digital color set is the difference between night and day. you want your brain to be alive at digital color level. so you want as much detail as you can get. >> use it or lose it, as you said. right? the book is called "old is the new young, ericksons' secrets to healthy living." thanks for sharing some of these tricks with us. coming up, more music from superstar susan boyle.
9:51 am
on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes.
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now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. so have you heard it is a big music week here at the "today" show in tomorrow we have r&b star alicia keys live on the plaza. >> then wednesday bon jovi kicks
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it up with some hard-driving rock 'n' roll. but today our concert stage star is none other than the scottish singing sensation who dazzled our crowds this morning. ♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ ♪ when hope was high and life worth living ♪ ♪ i dreamed that love would never die ♪ ♪ i prayed that god would be forgiving ♪ ♪ then i was young and unafraid ♪ ♪ and dreams were made and used
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and wasted ♪ ♪ there was no ransom to be paid ♪ ♪ no sng unsung no wine untasted ♪ ♪ but the tigers come at night with their voices soft as thunder ♪ ♪ as they turn your hopes apart as they turn your dreams to shame ♪ ♪ still i dream he'd come to
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me ♪ ♪ and we would live the years together ♪ ♪ but there are are dreams that cannot be and there are storms we cannot weather ♪ ♪ i had a dream my life would be ♪ ♪ so different from this hell i'm living so different now from what it seemed ♪ ♪ now life has killed the dream i dreamed ♪
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. it is back to the courthouse for a third day of deliberations as the tension mounts among the the jurors deciding the felony theft case of baltimore mayor sheila dixon. the jury has already deliberated for 11 hours. the city residents deciding the fate were sent home friday after and it came to the judge saying that things are getting a bit heated among the the jury.
9:57 am
there is accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy children back in a minute wi
9:58 am
>> as we started this holiday week we will throw a little way into the picture. off and on rainshowers are possible as we head into the afternoon. otherwise, cloudy skies. should be dried tomorrow.
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but we will have a chance of showers back in the picture, late today. >> see you